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NEW: 03/01/24 - We got our first donation on the website yesterday. You know who you are and thank you very much! Half of your donation will be given to Nuci's Space! Thanks for your support!


02/29/24 - and wORT - Ort Internet Radio goes On Air!


02/28/24 - and wORT - Ort Internet Radio goes silent starting at midnight for 12 hours to remember William Orten "Ort" Carlton and then return to the air at High Noon on the 29th of February, 2024.


02/27/24 - AGL link sent out to local photographers and live streamers.


02/26/24 - AGL link sent out to local producers and promoters of the Athens music scene.


02/25/24 - AGL link sent out to local media contacts, event organizers, record collectors and close friends of Ort, all of whom he recommended to reach out to by name. These were very special people to Ort!


02/24/24 - link sent out to a short and exclusive list of musicians and friends for user beta testing and reporting feedback.


02/19/24 - AGL begins internal beta testing of the website and radio station.


02/09/24 - AGL begins testing the wORT - Ort Internet Radio station.


02/01/24 - AGL registers the wORT - Ort Internet Radio station.


01/21/24 - On the 1 year anniversary of Ort's passing, AGL begins cataloging artists, music tracks and organization categories for the radio station. 


01/01/24 - AGL website begins internet testing.


10/26/23 - Construction of the AGL website begins.


07/26/23 - On Ort's birthday, planning for the Athens Georgia Live (AGL) website begins.


04/26/23 - domain is registered.


02/04/23 - A celebration of Ort's life held at the 40 Watt Club in Athens Georgia, to a packed house.


01/21/23 - William Orten "Ort" Carlton passed away in Athens Georgia at the age of 73.


01/16/23 - Ort helped to come up with the idea and concept of the Athens Georgia Live website and the

wORT - Ort Internet Radio station.


01/15/23 - Ort "passed the baton" on to everyone willing to take it and run with it, keeping his memory and the Athens music scene alive.


07/26/49 - William Orten "Ort" Carlton was born in Athens Georgia.



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