About Us


Who Are We?


We are wORT - Ort Internet Radio on www.AthensGeorgiaLive.com



What Is Our Purpose?


Our purpose is to give people with an appreciation of the Athens Georgia music scene, an alternate source to enjoy music from local artists as well as music from artists who visit Athens and play in the local clubs.



Why is the Radio Station called wORT?


Radio stations east of the Mississippi River typically start their four letter station identification with a W.

William Orten Carlton, also known as, Ort, was very important to the Athens music scene. Ort thought it would be fulfilling to have a radio station named after him, so that is why the radio station is called:

wORT - Ort Internet Radio



What Is Our Mission?


Our mission is to help new and independent local and visiting artists gain more exposure to their music and support from the people who appreciate their work.



What Is Our Vision?


Our vision is to grow the station while supporting the artists and the causes that matter the most to them.



Ort Internet Radio

Athens, GA 30603

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