William Orten "Ort" Carlton

July 26, 1949 - January 21, 2023

"Wholeheartedly" Ort

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A morsel left at a meal.




Completely and sincerely devoted, determined or enthusiastic.




A sweet liquid drained from mash and fermented to make beer and whiskey.


Dear Friends,


You know, when you eat a really good sandwich, and that last bite is just the best bite? Ort was the last bite, the morsel left on the plate, the best!


Ort usually ended communications with the word, "Wholeheartedly" and he genuinely meant it. He was sincerly devoted, determined and enthusiastic with anyone he met.


Ort was a sweet man and he loved beer! It's interesting that the word, "Wort" is a sweet liquid used to make beer.


With that in mind, radio stations east of the Mississippi River typically start with a W in their four letter identification code. wORT seemed just perfect for the radio station that Ort, my son and I planned together as his final Athens project.


My name is Frank Russell. My son, Franklin Russell, and I, spent several hours with Ort the week he passed away. We talked a lot about the Athens music scene, band names, post offices, zip codes and beer.


We talked about how proud he was of Franklin's musical journey over the years as a teenager. On our last day together, we  talked about a bucket list item that I wanted to do, to start an online radio station.


This website and radio station is the result of those conversations. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes Ort proud. We Love You, Ort!


Franklin J. Russell, Sr.

Athens Georgia Live

January 1, 2024




Athens fixture William Orten Carlton died on the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 21 at the age of 73. Ort spent his final days at St. Mary’s hospital and in hospice, where he was surrounded by love through a near-endless parade of visiting friends and admirers. 


A lover of obscure music, an enthusiast of craft beer and a walking encyclopedia of arcane facts, he could often be found holding court in bars, sharing deep cuts of historical and cultural moments with anyone who would listen. A lifelong supporter of alternative radio, he got his start as a DJ at WUOG 90.5 FM, and continued to make many guest appearances over the airwaves. Through his oral histories and decades of written contributions to Flagpole, his curiosity and excitement for Athens culture has led to the town’s deeper understanding of itself.


Jessica Smith

Flagpole Magazine

January 21, 2023